Student Account

The Perfect Checking Account for Your Needs

Account Features Student Account
24/7 Access to Home Banking
Mobile Banking
Issue Debit/ATM Cards
Overdraft Privilege *
Unlimited Check Writing
Cashier's Checks Per Month
Overdraft Transfer Protection
Access to Safe Deposit Box (Rental Fee Separate)
 Remote Deposit Capture
Temporary Personal Checks
 Bill Payment
Accidental Death Insurance
Free access to 55,000 Allpoint ATMs Network
Minimum Balance Fees
No minimum balance required

Must present High School or College ID at the time of account opening
Minor (younger than 18 yrs of age) must open account with a parent or legal guardian as a joint owner

Membership Benefits FAQs

It is a new way to pay “cash”, but with the convenience and safety of a debit card. It has the appearance of a credit card, but functions as a check.

Any member of South Texas Federal Credit Union who is at least 18 years old, and has a checking account is eligible.

Use it for shopping, traveling, dinning out, grocery store, gas or even to order items from catalog merchants by mail or telephone…even places that do not accept checks!

Additionally, your Check Card functions as an enhanced ATM card that can be used at thousands of ATM locations around the world.

Immediately call our office at 956-618-7500 to report the card lost or stolen. If our office is not open please call 888-263-3370.

With your Check Card, there is no need to carry your checkbook or large amounts of cash. Just present it at the time of purchase and the amount will automatically be deducted from your South Texas Federal Credit Union checking account.


You will save time and money since there is no check to write or time spent waiting for check approval.


Your privacy is protected by not having to present additional ID that shows your address, phone number or checking account number.


You will receive a receipt immediately with your transaction. The details will show up on your checking account statement, listing the date and location of every debit card transaction.


Unlike a credit card, there are no finance charges or late fees: however, if your account is overdrawn, overdraft fees may apply.

As soon as an application is filled out and either mailed or brought into one of South Texas Federal Credit Union locations. Upon approval…it’s yours.

Overdraft protection allows funds to be transferred from your regular share accounts to your share draft account in case there is not sufficient funds at the time of share draft posting.

There is also a special overdraft protection loan, which must be applied for and approved first. This open end loan is meant to cover any case of insufficient funds.

We can save you the expense and embarrassment of having your checks returned. Overdraft Privilege does just that.


As long as you maintain your share draft (checking) account in good standing, South Texas FCU may elect to pay your overdraft checks rather than returning them unpaid.

You will still be charged the regular service fee of $30 for insufficient funds. But, this service enables you to avoid the additional vendor charges associated with an overdraft.

You do not have to do anything other than keep your account in good standing. Please be advised that you will be mailed a letter stating you are eligible for our Overdraft Privilege. If you do not receive this letter please give us a call to verify your Overdraft Privilege status, BEFORE you make use of this service.

Your account is considered in good standing if it adheres to the following criteria:

  • Share draft account has been open for at least sixty (60) days.
  • Once your account is overdrafted, you must bring the account to a positive balance within thirty (30) days for a minimum period of twenty four (24) hours.
  • There must NOT be any loan, credit card, or other obligation to South Texas FCU in default status.
  • Account must not be subject to any legal or administrative order or levy.
  • Account must have a current and verified address and phone number.

South Texas FCU will cover up to $700 worth of overdrafts, INCLUDING the service charges. For example, say you have a $0 balance in your checking account and a $300 check clears. The $300 will be deducted from your checking account as well as the $30 service charge, making your balance -$325.

Your overdraft amount must be paid as soon as possible.

As soon as an application is filled out and either mailed or brought into one of South Texas Federal Credit Union locations. Upon approval…it’s yours.

The Board of Directors, as required by law, reviewed and set the rates effective January 1, 2022. Risk based lending guidelines are followed as per federal regulation. Rates are subject to change without prior notice. For further information regarding applicable fees and terms, contact an employee at any South Texas Federal Credit Union office.